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Feb 19, 2017. Daniel Pollack-Pelzner on a new edition of Shakespeare plays that. and spotlighted the editors' methodology: computer-aided analysis of.

Oct 26, 2016. Researchers have used an algorithm to analyze Shakespeare's writing style and some of his contemporaries, and determined which of his.

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Shakespeare attribution studies is the scholarly attempt to determine the authorial boundaries. However, analyses published in 2002 by Gilles Monsarrat and Brian Vickers showed that the elegy more likely was one of. ( 2010), Shakespeare, Computers, and the Mystery of Authorship, Cambridge University Press, ISBN.

They measure the way an author uses, or avoids using, words together. In Shakespeare's poems, modal analysis has revealed a few very strong, characteristic.

Dec 14, 2011. Folger Shakespeare Library director Michael Witmore is using. Data-mining and computer-led textual analysis uncovered patterns in.

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